Brag Board

 Brag Board

If your proud of your catch and want to share with us, send in your pictures to the 
Big or small be proud to be a Fisherman or Fisherwoman. 
  • Sam Herrman caught this little fella on a Fat Swing from Keitech

  • This Halco Paddle Tail seems to be the colour of the day.

  • Taking the kids fishing is a lot of work and can be stressful when bait fishing, but when they hookup to that fish they have been looking for or in this instance a mud-crab (not in view) Xavier was scared but he keeps coming back for more time and time again.

  • President of ANSA Australia Nathan Johnston showing how it's done up here in the North around the Hinchinbrook area.

  • Cameron and Xavier caught this on a 115mm Zerek Skittish Dog

  • Young Ryan caught this Jack on a live mullet in the rain a few weeks back. Growing up to be a keen fisherman.

  • Want to catch that ultimate Barra? Book with Barramundi Fishing Charters

  • Legends!

  • What a whopper!

  • Brendan Lowe loves his Fat Swing lure from Keitech.

  • Sam caught this beauty's over the weekend using the 4.8" Fat Swing from Keitech which have been dipped with "Quick Coat Worm Dip".

  • Duality Fishing Twerking Another good #barra to the bank! Gotta love smashing these bigger girls with the light 13fishing setup! Awesome fight!

  • Spanish mackerel, launched out of the water to engulf the Zerek 160mm Zapplin

  • When Shane visited Townsville he popped in and got some great advice from Hodgie.... Back in Brissy and he is in business! Well done Shane

  • Chris Bates got drilled by this Silver Bazz deep in the thicket.

  • Wade says that the Akwa shirts bring the good luck! Tagged Barra from the Daly. Bit too late for the million dollar fish comp.

  • Cameron Earl with a nice Red Throat taken on a 150 Quickcatch off shore in a serect location

  • If it's a bit rough and you just want to bend a rod, try the tiny softies with the light braid outfits. Even small GT's are great fun on the lighter line classes

  • The mask man with his catch using Fat Swing lures from Keitech.

  • The things you see when your out fishing.

  • Trent Holman on his early 4.00am mission. Mission completed!

  • Wade caught this using a Samurai Runoff with a Shimano Curado reel running a Green Bomber an most importantly wearing his Akwa shirt.

  • "Today was a good way to start the long weekend! Barra were everywhere! Got this fella on the atomic grub with hot pink worm dip! Thanks to the crew at Akwa marine for putting me onto the deadly combo!" Cheers Beau.

  • Reel engineer Wizard, Daniel Erskine pulled this nice swampy on a Halco Hamma

  • Rob caught this Shark Mackerel out at Shlashers reef, on a pilly stuffed in a squid. Water was so clear that he could see it swimming 10m down and dropped the bait right on his nose

  • Brendan Lowe with a medium size GT taken on a Halco Hay-Maker

  • The prongs are swinging from plenty of rod tips these days, and with good reason. They work. Thanks to Brendan Lowe for the pic

  • One of the more popular lures Fat Swing from Keitech in action thanks to Brendan Lowe

  • Local fishing enthusiast Brendan Lowe nailed this fingerling jack on a 4.5" Keitech Fat Swing Impact.

  • The Samurai fishing rod 10/17 Runoff is a perfect stick for flicking tight structure for reddogs.

  • Karl Ramano with a nice Trout taken on the dipped Prong making a colour scheme we call green Ghost. It works well in the clearer waters.

  • Theresa's first ever Barra, 101cm. What a fabulous first Barra.

  • Mark didn't sit on the sideline. He was in there where all the action was. Well done Mark.

  • Nice one Thersa

  • Bet Darren is thinking he has the best wife that goes fishing on valentine days.

  • The Firestorm 120 Shallow Balista is a ripper casting lure for Barra. On this occasion casting around timber both twitching and slow rolling with both producing action

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