Testimonial of Daniel's workmanship

 Testimonials of Daniel's workmanship

    David Hodge "The Barefoot Fisherman"
     I pretty much fish for a living and have done for over twenty years. I need my gear to be performing at its best all the time, and              apart from the accuracy casting demos where I can't risk a malfunction, it's the on water cast and retrieving of lures that is the              most important. I used to use all my reels straight out of the box as a gauge of consumer value for money, and then get my reel            upgraded at the first sign of wear. These days I get Daniel to inspect any new reel and if it doesn't have Carbontex, get him to fit            them. I also get him to replace standard bearings with ceramics. These simple upgrades help me to cast effortlessly, while 
     putting maximum hurt on a fish.

     There are plenty of people making claims as to what they can do to reels these days, but the Erskine name is synonymous with              being the best quality workmanship, and has been for many years now. Having taken over the reins from his father, the                          legendary Jack Erskine, Daniel is carrying on the tradition of being the best at what he does and the only one I trust enough                    to deliver the goods on my tools of the trade. 

     David Hodge.

        Michael and Bernadette Pedlar
        I had been fishing for a world record tuna for at least 4 years & had quite a few fall short of the mark & quite a few that 
        would have broken the record but unfortunately I had reel failure, so I sent my reels to Daniel Erskine to calibrate the drags &
        have Since been lucky enough to catch 4 world records & am confident that our reels will certainly stand up in any fight!!
        We will definitely continue to send our reels to Daniel for calibration in the future. 

        Thanks Daniel for a great job!!!

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